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Yiwu Market News:
●   yiwu export,yiwu china export                  2011/03/03
●   yiwu agents let it easy to do business     2011/01/13
●   Yiwu factory from the “world processing factory” to “World Factory”     2011/01/28
●   yiwu international trade city introduction      2011/01/27
●   Yiwu International Exhibition Center     2011/01/17
●   China Yiwu International Commodities Fair   2011/01/16
●   Yiwu Commodity Fair Previous Review   2011/01/15
●   yiwu fair                        2011/01/18
●   2004 yiwu factory all power cut to benefit for the people    2011/01/27
●   china yiwu weather  2011/01/19
●   yiwu city culture               2011/01/21
●   china yiwu culture            2011/01/21
●   Yiwu Featured Industry  2011/01/13 
●   yiwu travel shopping  2011/01/22
●   China Commodity City     2011/01/18
●   yiwu market history         2010/06/04
●   yiwu china introduction  2010/11/22

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  Ocean of commodities, heaven for customers
World’s Largest Wholesale Market Of Small Commodities 

More than 300,000 kinds of commodities exhibition everyday
Zero-distance Contact With 58,000 Chinese Suppliers 

Accept Small Quantity, Can Mix lots of Items in One Container
Lower price, shipping in almost 2 weeks
Mature market,shipping convenient 

More than 200,000 foreign buyers come everyday
Sell and Export To 215 Countries And Regions 


 Yiwu International Trade Co.,Ltd. located in yiwu,china.Yiwu is a city built on the market,it has almost all the commodities in the world.It is a city  known as yiwu market or yiwu commodity city, now build a new yiwu international trade city.Yiwu International Trade City is an  international modern wholesale market build by China Commodity City following the needs of market development ,is a  shopping tourism units designated by Zhejiang Tourism Bureau.Yiwu  now is the world’s largest commodity distribution center.

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  1. Edgardo 08/18/2013 at 8:07 下午 |

    My name is edgar, we are planning to flight to yiwu some time in oct. 2013,we are 4 persons, main product are fashion sunglasses,pouches for sunglasses,sung. cords.price tags(barcodes) logos,caps , hats etc.
    Please inform us about the easiest route from san francsco or from los angeles. We will leave from puerto rico.
    Also let us know if we should go to the fair or just going to the yiwu market will be enough to find what we are looking for.
    An invitation letter is neccessary

    Thank you


  2. Edgardo 08/18/2013 at 8:14 下午 |

    An invitation letter to get the visa

  3. tholsia 10/29/2014 at 7:33 下午 |

    please advise where is the Yiwu market. in which city in Cnina

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